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I'm the book you judge by the cover.
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Anonymous: Beat the shit out of kellin Quinn, Austin Carlile, Oliver Sykes and Andy Biersack


I don’t know any of those names

Anonymous: That gif of the man hitting the snake; that's incredible cruel. It damages the snakes brain, and not only does it fucking hurt the snake, it Impairs it too. You wouldn't reblog a gif of a man hitting a dog, would you? Snakes aren't different. The reason the snake tried to bite him is because he was defanged, he's trying his best to protect himself. That man is disgusting. (Future herpetologist)


This one time I second grade I sneezed and it made me fart and the girl next made a big scene and embarrassed me. I wanted to fight her so bad.


The Story So Far ft Mat Kerekes by Kayla Surico on Flickr.
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